About Us

What we stand for

It’s time to demand more from Portland City Hall. Progressive Portland was founded to mobilize grassroots support to advocate that Portland’s mayor, city manager, and council enact progressive policies backed by the majority of Portland voters and taxpayers.

Our Board of Directors

Timmi Sellers — Former Peaks Island Council-member

Marcques Houston

Andy Graham — Retired Portland businessperson and entrepreneur. Active in the arts community.

Abby Fuller — Teaches sociology at USM. Lives in North Deering and has three children in Portland’s public schools.

John Eder — Former state legislator and school board member at-large.

James Cradock — Portland Public Art Committee chair and small business owner.

Steven Biel — Progressive Portland founder and former MoveOn campaign director

How to reach us

The best way to reach Progressive Portland is via email at progressiveportlandme@gmail.com. If you have an idea for a campaign, click here to let us know. Our best campaign ideas come from suggestions from our members.