OFFICIAL Progressive Portland Member Survey Results

The results of our first-ever member issue survey are here! Check them out.

Two weeks ago, Progressive Portland launched our first ever agenda-setting member survey, and the response we got was incredible.

More than 300 of you shared your opinions, ideas, and feedback. We’re now ready to share the results with you—and tell you how you can help get involved.

Here are the top issues that you, Progressive Portland’s members, want to focus on this year:

  1. Rebuilding our crumbling elementary schools. Given ten issues to pick from, 35% of you said that passing the school bond should be our #1 or #2 priority.
  2. Limiting the amount that landlords can raise rent each year. Nearly 29% of you picked rent stabilization as one of your top two issues.
  3. (Tie) Banning synthetic and bee-killing pesticides and stopping attempts to limit access to homeless shelters were tied for 3rd place with each listed as a top priority by 21% of you.

After the top four issues, the next highest priorities for Progressive Portland members were preventing further cuts at the India Street Health Clinic and requiring employers to provide paid sick days to their workers.

Also of interest in the survey is that Progressive Portland members are supportive of the job Ethan Strimling is doing as mayor. A little over half of respondents said they had no opinion, but among those who did, 75% approved of Mayor Strimling, while just 25% disapproved.

Meanwhile, Progressive Portland members are less satisfied with the job City Manager Jon Jennings is doing. Among those who expressed a view, just 37% approved of the city manager, while 63% disapproved.

Progressive Portland members are split almost exactly 50-50 in their opinion of the job the city council overall is doing.

Of course, we’re a non-partisan organization, and we will praise–or criticize–ANY public official when it’s deserved.